Fruitfulness, the results of labours. The sort of fruitfulness of a long life well spent. Or if an orchard in bloom, it can depict youth or female fertility. Also peace and personal or spiritual growth. See: Garden

 Destroyed orchard often represents the dreamer’s feelings that he has destroyed hid or her own inner fruitfulness and creativity.

 Example: I have taken an apple from a tree while I am passing an orchard. A big dog comes and jumps at me, I am terribly frightened, and I wake up yelling for help. Quoted from Dreams the Forgotten Language by Erich Fromm

The apple that was stolen represent the forbidden fruit, in this case a married woman he had fantasised having sex with. The big dog is his own instinctive reaction.

 Example: I am working in some banana orchard and I hear some woman say ‘cut it down!’ I look around, but I don’t know what she is talking about. All the plants look healthy to me. Other women are laughing. I am raking up a few leaves. It is windy, but there aren’t many leaves or much to clean up here. I don’t know where this woman is.

The man who dreamt this was poking fun at himself. The banana often represents a penis.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

What type trees does the orchard contain?

Was there much fruit in the orchard and was it ripe?

Have I ever stole fruit from an orchard?

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