The working relationship between the different aspects of oneself – mind, body, spirit; ones sense of social co-operation or harmony in the cosmos. The creation of something influencing other people – the audience – through cooperation.

It sometimes links with your own innate musical ability, and it is worth exploring. See Being the Person or Thing

Conductor: The Self; whatever is directing ones life. Feeling you are in power or are directing the events of your life, perhaps a case of hubris, an excess of ambition and pride. See: music; musical instruments.

 Unable to follow the score: Perhaps a failure to work or live in harmony or cooperation with life or others.

Jazz orchestra: – It indicates an ability to live or appreciate a life that is less constrained and can contribute creatively. Or if not liked might suggest a life that prefers to follow traditional paths of life.

 Example: ‘I am a journalist reporting on the return of Christ. He is expected on a paddle steamer going upstream on a large river. I am very sceptical and watch disciples and followers gather on the rear deck. The guru arrives, dressed in simple white robes. He has long, beautiful auburn hair and beard, and a gentle wise face. He begins to tap a simple rhythm on a tabla or Indian drum. It develops into complex intermingling of orchestral rhythms as everyone joins in. I now realise he is Christ, and feel overwhelmed with awe as I try to play my part in the music. I’m tapping with a pen and find myself fumbling. A bottle or can opener comes to me from the direction of Christ. I try to beat a complementary rhythm, a small part of a greater, universal music.’ Lester S.

Example: The music from the hi-fi expanded to a new kind of “living sound” more beautiful than any music I’d ever heard before. I could hear all of the percussive noises of the instruments, the scraping of the bow on the violins, the mechanical noises of the other instruments, the breathing and air noises as the vocalists sang, and within the space of a few minutes, the orchestra had transported itself from the loudspeaker and now seemed to be totally inside my being somewhere. I was delighted, amazed, and carried away with the sheer majesty and beauty of these sounds which were liquid and tinged with colored lights. I wondered indeed why it is that the ears of man are normally so hard of hearing. Lambert Dolphin

You didn’t hear the harmony,

The voices all as one,
The orchestra of all those sounds
With single voice of none?
I heard it here this afternoon,
One voice sang through them all,
Collecting all the sounds of life,
Into one vibrant call.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Did I notice any feelings of cooperation or harmony?

What did I feel?

Did I listen to the orchestra or was part of to?

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