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For many women the uterus represents their unconscious sense of being a full woman and their adequacy, just as testes do for men. Of course, it also links with the ability to have children, so could represent fears or feelings about this. If you dream of problems in regard to the uterus, it is always worth having a physical check.

The way we develop as a personality emerges from very fundamental biological and psychological levels, of which the reproductive/sexual is deeply important. Because of this the uterus may represent for women the source of their emotional and creative energy. This at its primal level is linked with procreation, but it can flow from there into other directions such as your creativity.

If you are a woman, this is your potential. You developed in this way because you are a creature of evolution. If you deny that part of you – the urge to procreate – you deny yourself. Do not cut yourself off from your roots otherwise you will die to your real self. To become free, it is not necessary to repress that part of you. In fact, that basic, primeval drive is your source of power. It is a great river of energy. Out of that your power arises. You do not have to bear a child to have that creativity. Take hold of that primitive part of you, that ancient river of desire and longing, flow with it. Of course, it will try to go in the old channels, the old pathways. This may lead you to start looking for a mate. That is okay. Feel it. Own it as yours. Now create your own male inside yourself. Build him out of your ideals, your longing, and your need. Then form your inner male from the many parts of their own nature. Use your pleasures your pains, your power and your weakness. Take the love you have and breathe into the man the breath of life. Take that male and blend it into your female. Then take off and fly. See The man in the Woman

In a man’s dream, or even in some women’s dreams, the uterus might well represent pre-birth experience – life in the womb. This might include the need in some of us to return to that experience to integrate aspects of it that have remained troubling to our adult personality. See: Ovaries.

Here is an example of what I was explaining above.

 Example: I had a very odd dream this morning and felt the need to understand why a baby has appeared in my dreams twice this week. This morning my dream was as follows: I was at my parents’ house that had burnt down, in my old bedroom when I suddenly felt as though I were giving birth. I saw the entire process of the baby coming out of my body as though I were floating around myself. There was no pain and the process happened quickly with the baby gliding out of my body. I quickly placed the baby girl in some baby clothes I found but then realized that I had not washed it. My sister-in-law took the baby and then handed it back to me, its body washed but not its hair because in the dream we saw that as something sacred that should be reserved for the mother to do. I held the baby and then realized there was an air conditioner pumping cold air into the room. I laid the baby on the bed and tried to turn it off, which I couldn’t. When I came back, there were two babies on the bed, a large boy baby and my little girl. I started to wonder if I had given birth to twins. I called to my mother to help me swaddle both babies to keep them warm from the cold air and continued to worry about why I hadn’t passed the placenta. I also started to worry about how I had gotten pregnant as I am a lesbian and I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain this to my partner.

I smile because of the fact that none of us today – apart from a few individuals – have ever been taught anything about Life and how it operates in us. Dreams are not about outer reality; they are reflections of our inner life; and our inner life has very different rules. It is a world that is very different to the waking world in the body. In the dream world in a sense you do not have a body. The point is that whatever we believe we are; whatever we believe the world is; in our dreams it becomes that because we create it out of our mind stuff.

In the film Matrix, the hero is at one point put into a lucid virtual reality called ‘the construct’. He cannot understand what is happening to him, and his guide says, “What you see now is what we call residual self image. It is a mental projection….” Your dream is exactly that, an amazing moving and living projection in which you act and interact with YOURSELF. There is, in the widest or cosmic sense, nothing else. The dream process transforms your emotions, your beliefs and hopes, your fears and traumas, your intuitions and creative visions, into people, environments, animals and events. Understanding that is vital.

If your dream is directly about your ovaries, it may be about feelings, fears or hopes you have about your fertility and your ability to procreate. But it might also link with the deep drives or urges you have as a woman to guard and care for your ‘eggs’. This is the big difference between yourself and a male. A male can lay his eggs – sperm – and leave them. A woman holds onto her eggs, guards them, and nurtures them into growth. See: am I a man – am I a woman.

If this fundamental drive is thought of simply as energy, this is understandable. But it is energy that is highly personal and felt as our emotions, fear, hopes and urges. If the energy is not handled well it can flow into neurosis and depression. If we are in union with it then creativity, wellbeing, love and pleasure are expressed and experienced as its flow. Therefore some dreams featuring the uterus will be a drama in which the relationship with this energy flow is detailed. See: energy sex dreamsvaginaindividuation.

In a man’s dream, or even in some women’s dreams, the uterus might well represent prebirth experience – life in the womb. This might include the need in some of us to return to that experience to integrate aspects of it that have remained troubling to our adult personality.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the dream suggesting a physical problem – if so am I experiencing emotional difficulties in regard to childbearing – or should I have a physical check?

Does this is any way suggest pregnancy?

How am I relating to the energy flow of reproduction in my life?

Does the dream suggest wanting to merge back into the womb?

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