A sense of importance, or privilege. In some dreams about a palace, there are evident feelings of something special happening. This probably links with the way palaces are used in fairy stories, as for instance the palace in which the Sleeping beauty lives. Such a palace represents the wonders of yourself, your amazing mind and qualities that might be sleeping or overcome by enemies – i.e. disuse or ignoring them.

The palace is also the storehouse of your culture and past, the treasure house of your family, your social and racial inheritance. In one ancient palace dating about 884-859 BC, the tree so Life was carved on a wall. See The Sacred Tree In Dreams And Myths

An old place: This is usually a very important dream. What the palace contains or is found here through exploring the dream are signs of a past and what you still need to remember about who you are; probably skills that are still latent in you.

Palace tombs: These also are extremely important. They contain the memories of your ancient past that can only be unlocked by exploring them. See Being the Person or Thing

A golden palace: A dream place where great transformation of yourself can take place, or important realisations can be experienced.

Example: If I explain, if I tell you what I am – I am a palace. I was a wondrous palace. I am only a ruin of what I was. This building. This part of the building wasn’t a ballroom. It wasn’t an eating place. It was a place where certain things happened. It was a place where many people left things. They came here and they gathered and they left. It was a place of exchange. If you could bring something here, then you could take something away. Or you could take something away if you gave something. There is an old story that has to do with how humans sold their souls. That is a degradation of what I am, what took place here. I am a place of exchange, not a place of selling. You would give something of yourself and gain something

Example: In 544 BC, the Buddha’s mother, Queen Maya, dreamed her bed was transported by four kings to a high Himalayan peak, where four queens adorned her with jewels and brought her to a golden palace. A white elephant with six shining ivory tusks appeared and painlessly pierced her side with a thrust of its tusk. She awoke to the song of a blue bird and realised that she had immaculately conceived. Her dream was interpreted as signifying that her child would become a universal monarch. Five of the Buddha’s dreams, along with dreams of his father, King Cudhodana, and his wife, Gopa, appear in the Pali scriptures and describe his future vocation as a wandering monk

Example: A Muslim who saw in his dream a huge palace with a cross on its roof. He heard a voice saying that the palace belonged to Jesus Christ and only He could open the gate. Sometime later he was reading Pilgrim’s Progress and saw on one of the pages a picture identical to his dream. It was this experience that directly led to his conversion to Christianity.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What were you doing or experiencing in or about the palace?

Did anything happen to you in the palace?

Where you attacked or meet anything that frightened you?

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