It depends what the paper is, whether it is a research paper, a newspaper, writing paper, wrapping or Christmas paper, paper objects made by folding, paper towels, paper as in a kitchen roll, toilet paper. If you can look up the particular type you may find something. Also the context in which the word paper appears is important. See Context/ThemeNewspaper.

So having read Context, see if you can begin to describe your dream differently, and see Key Words

Blank writing paper: Unexpressed sentiments or ideas; opportunity to express creative ideas or feelings to someone; feeling a lack of communication with someone else; writers block.

The blank writing paper method: The work of Dr. Caron Kent, gives a summarised version of this method. He began to explore himself because of his own need to deal with his depression by giving himself regular time at a typewriter and writing spontaneously whatever came to mind. In this way he found he began to contact areas of experience and feeling previously unavailable. He developed this in his practice as a psychotherapist into working with the body and feelings directly.

The idea in this approach is to sit down with a pencil and plenty of paper or at your computer. Have a clock or watch before you so it is easily seen. You must now, non stop, write whatever comes into your head, for ten minutes. You do not try to think, you simply write whatever word comes into your head and there is no need for it to make sense, whatever word appears with the thought what does my dream mean. This cuts out the rational thinking mind and leads to you tapping the unconscious.

So you must actually not stop writing for ten whole minutes. If, for a moment, your flow blocks, write continuously the last word until further ideas arrive. This is not done by thinking about what you should write, rather you should drop any attempts to think. There may be rather strange results at first. However, practice will bring the flow and harmony that you are seeking. The benefits of this will only be seen through practice. Try to do this exercise as many times as possible during the next week. Write anything that comes. You simply hold in mind about the dream without thinking about it. Actually, once you have asked about the dream you can drop thinking about it.

Wrapping paper: Depending on the colour and quality – how you feel others see you; the exterior impression of what you are getting or giving in a relationship; the outward appearance of your own potential.

Paper animal or figures: They give the appearance of being real but they are only paper and not real. So it may be about feelings you have about that. “Everything else is paper,” which means that it is not a living impression.

Research papers: May represent important thins you have or are beginning to realise. Or point to things you would do well to investigate.

Taking pen to paper: It suggests an urge to express your creativity or to communicate an idea for you to remember. It also could be a motivation to communicate something important to other or someone.

 Example: I brought my daughter into an attic and it was filled with the most brilliant coloured art supplies, paints, pencils, paper etc. and I said to her, this is all for you.  Then I woke up and couldn’t wait to start clearing out all the clutter. I’ve been working all day!! TK

Example: In the latest dream I was reading a paper with the heading ‘Broken Hearted Babies’, with a picture of both of us as babies, with our names underneath. Amanda – Teletext.

Example: But I couldn’t remember when the baby was born so I got the birth certificate and I started looking for the birth date and how much he weighed at birth, but it wasn’t a birth certificate it was some type of paper that I couldn’t understand so I gave up on looking.

The birth certificate is important. It is saying that there is something you do not understand about you or your baby and its background. It was a dream baby without a father and known background. Because you do not understand what it means to have a dream baby you could not understand what was said on the paper. I believe it was telling you that Life gave you this baby, and it will grow in you to change your life.

Idioms: Commit to paper; not worth the paper it’s written on; on paper; paper tiger; pen to paper; paper over the cracks.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the dream showing things I usually do with paper or it unusual?

What would I describe as the action in the dream?

If I have written anything what is it and what meaning does it have for me?

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