Your public self and how it is growing, or how you see your growth and endeavour from a public viewpoint. It might also associate with relaxed feelings, or even romance.

A park can have associations with so many things, such as childhood pleasure, being bullied; sexual pleasure or attack, games played, a place to do crazy things like setting of a home made bomb, walking the dog, firing off a rifle, having a date, swimming, being in the dark and scared – and so much more. So see if you can see what feelings and memories you have on your dream park.

National park: Meeting your own natural self as opposed to the self you may have to live to survive socially or economically.

Amusement park: Amusement park

Parking lot car park: See: parking lot under car


Useful Questions and Hints:

Was it frightening or happy experience in the park dream?

What memories or associations do I have with parks?

What was the theme of the dream?

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