Parking Lot Parked Carpark

A socially acceptable place to rest, to meet, to make some sort of change or exchange. The parked car might also mean you have stopped ‘going anywhere’ in life, or that you have changed to walking – getting somewhere through personal effort. Or even that you have stopped ‘driving yourself’ – relaxing.

Can’t find parking place: Perhaps you are finding it difficult to relax, to get out of the demands of the ‘traffic’ of your life.


-Julie 2010-08-01 18:40:49

I had an unsettling dream recently. There were three of me – one of me found the other almost dead on the ground in a parking lot. Shouting aloud at many around on motorcycles to get lost. Me 1 took almost dead Me 2 to Me 3’s house and put me into bed. Conversed with Me 3 in a kitchen that I had never seen before. Tone of conversation was Me 1 being fearful for Me 2 and not wanting to leave. Me 3 was very “all will be alright, please go.” .

Any theories on what this could possibly mean?

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