Symbol of travel, of change, of your integrity or identity. It also relates to feelings of confidence about acceptance, or facing authority.

Your sense of identity, with its connections with racial, national and family background; feelings about travel; authority or confidence, especially regarding your identity. In some cases it suggests the right to exist as a member of the community so can often suggest self confidence or lack of it.

 Example: My advice to a couple of MP’s who are harassing Jim and I for drinking. We both served honorably, with distinction in our wars (WWII, Vietnam). This is after they keep questioning me about some stamps I have, my passport and papers, warning me/us not to drink. I am really angry at these MP’s/top dogs who are trying to interfere in my life (and Jim’s) for drinking.

Example: I seem to cross back over the border several times. At one point I was on the wrong side of the border without my passport and it was only after a lot of walking, traversing secret passageways, etc., that I am able to get back on the right side of the border without getting caught without my passport. Then I seem to be working as a border patrol agent in an office.

If your passport has expired: This suggests that for some reason you are trying to make great changes in life, moving from one set of values or way of life to another, but you haven’t got the right attitude of ability to manage it. See frontiers


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever had problems with my passport?

Were there problems in my dream?

Have I never left the country and so never had a passport?

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