The approach or attitudes one uses regarding life in general, or in relationship or work. The direction one has decided on or is following; the way a relationship or marriage is going; a line of thought or enquiry. I often represent the path of self discovery.

A dream path often leads you through certain environments or to someone or a place, so it is important to note where it leads. See Settings in Dreams Plot/theme of the Dream

An old or ancient path: It is a way or inner direction or discipline many people have taken through millennia – a great path to enlightened. See EnlightenmentA Modern Approach – Enlightenment

If a well worn path: A well established or habitual way of doing something; the way other people do it, so following the norm. The path sometimes represents ones overall direction or experience of life within the process of growth and change.

Across the path of another thing or person: There could be a collision so be aware of ‘colliding’ with someone or something. It could also suggest a meeting you will encounter.

Losing a partner on the path: Fear or intuition that the relationship will end or partner die first.

Meeting someone on the path: This depends what is the condition or mood of the person. Are they injured and need help – are they trying to avoid you – are they pleased to see you?

 Example: Now the hare speaks again. “Go back,” says he. “For the path you search for is within you already, as the plant is within the seed. Go back therefore, carry on your accustomed callings, and wait, for it is nigh upon you from within and without. But wait, and you will know it.” Then we all turned around and went back to our village, and carried on our usual tasks, knowing that in time, we would realise our heaven.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was going on regarding the path? (Am I on the path, off the path etc?)

Is this my direction in life? (Describe the path situation in the dream to come up with some idea of the meaning. This is a very broad symbol).

What do I actively love doing?

See destinySettings in Dreams From Hell to HeavenTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Krisanne Graff 2016-09-14 18:12:43

Hi, had a strange dream last night.. I was on a “natural water slide” path… I was actually in the water, the path split into several directions but I remember saying to myself in the dream… I’ve got my path or I’ve picked my path.. something like that. the water was flowing rather fast. I could see the “water path” but as I got closer it was obstructed with branches … what the heck does that mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-15 9:38:35

    Krisanne – I want to take time to really give you an understanding of your amazing dream.

    What are you immersed in that is constantly moving you along and asking you to make decisions? It is strange that many people are unaware of this in their life. But each of us are immersed in a ‘river’ of constant change. You, if you think about it, have been carried, pushed, impelled by this current as you were moved through babyhood, childhood, teenage and adulthood. Then the current carries us on through old age and through gates of death. All the time we are faced by decisions, and each decision directs us on a different path, helping to create our future.

    Of course the ‘water path ’is already largely set by your body and its characteristics, but whether we are aware of it or not our decisions can make huge changes for better or for worse.

    Many of us have chosen our path prior to being born, but mostly we are unconscious of it. You can make your choice conscious by learning to listen to the Life Streaming through you and in you – but most people are so focussed on the outer world shown them though their body that they remain unaware. Perhaps reading these might help –

    The fact that it was a “natural water slide” confirms that it is a natural process taking place in you. The obstructions are also a natural part of our watery path. They are things that hinder your growth or progress. They are childhood traumas, fears, hesitations, mixing up the sexual urge with sex, which is mistakenly often called making love, and the many ignorance’s we take as truths and try to live them. See


-Aowyn 2015-06-25 17:07:47

Hi, i am 16 years old and i am from Bangladesh and i am buddhist. Today i dreamt that i was riding rickshaw(it’s somekind of a vehicle) so with me my cousins daughter was there she’s 14 years old. The location was in my mothers village . The village got some bumpy roads and was not in a well condition. So after riding the ricksaw our destination was my cousins home, then the rickshaw puller start to pull the rickshaw and after some time when we were going to reach the road the puller was asking something but i didn’t hear, so accidently he turn the rickshaw in the left direction instead of right direction.Here’s something i want to tell that the puller was a muslim. the left direction take to the muslims village and the right direction take to the buddhists i was scolding why did he turned the rickshaw into that direction he said nothing to worry about he knows the road to our village. After saying this he take us through a forest the forest was so beautiful but it got some misterious feeling.After reaching his village he said it’s my home and i am so tired can you kindly wait so i can take some rest and start again .To me it was so weird ’cause normaly it doesn’t happen(i am still in my dream). it was getting dark and we were like feeling helpless like what to do, why he isn’t coming back. after some time he appeared and said sorry i can’t take you home and i was like WHAT! THEN I FIND MYSELF IN MY APARTMENT TALKING TO MOM. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT HAPPEND TO MY COUSIN’S DAUGHTER AND HOW I CAME HERE IN MY APARTMENT ALL THE WAY FROM BANDARBAN(THE VILLAGE LOCATION) TO DHAKA CITY(I LIVE IN DHAKA).And one more thing to add that i remember all what happens in my dream and my dreams are kinda wierd…

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-29 11:12:20

    Dear Aowyn – This dream will need your own explorations as well – for I do not understand every part of it – but first I like to clarify some things to you.
    You wrote “To me it was so weird because normally it doesn’t happen” but dreams do not bother with what happens “normally” in your waking life.
    What creates a lot of confusion is that people fail to recognise the difference between their inner dream life and the demands and “rules” of their waking life.
    Also most of us make the mistake of believing our dream images are all something outside of us. In fact they are all images underneath which are amazing destructive and/or constructive powers.

    So everything in your dream is an aspect of your inner world and it will need your own associations for every person and image to get a deeper (feeling) understanding of them.
    The way I see your dream is that the “Muslim puller” was some form of influence that was part of your childhood as well, and although it did not always take you where you wanted to go and the road was not always smooth, this influence helped you to get in touch with your natural feelings; the mysterious forest.
    In that state of mind you were able to meet the self you are underneath what you express through your needs for social and physical survival; it is the magical world of the unconscious, beyond your programmed civilised condition.
    At this point in your dream where the puller says “it’s my home and I am so tired can you kindly wait so I can take some rest and start again” it becomes clear that this is a somewhat outworn habit or approach and you perceive it as difficult to let it go.
    His words “sorry I can’t take you home” shock you into action and then you manage to get to your own apartment using your own personal effort and motivation.
    Good for you!
    Talking to your mom I see as a symbol of connecting with your inner mother, perhaps to work through some things?
    I hope this gives you a start with your dream and please also explore this dream yourself.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

      -Aowyn 2015-07-01 11:50:10

      Thank you Anna for describing my dream 🙂

-Janece 2015-04-29 21:31:30

Hi. While taking a nap I had a pretty peculiar dream.I was riding on a wilderness path it seemed., It was a wide curving dirt road with treed and shrubberies along sside of it. Along the path I encountered different kinds of animals and it seems like they were all searching for food or waiting on something. I saw two different (brown or greyish)bears, a (brown)deer, a brown horse or pony, a wolf which was a reddish brown a little on top and white, I think I saw squirrels and some other animals. There was also a get dog(I think) running alongside the car. I was in the front passenger seat and it was my boyfriend I think driving the car. I was happy in the dream, calling out all the names of the animals. There was a strange woman on the back passenger seat but I was unaffected by her. She was singing along and seemed nice. She was pale in color with a broad nose. Along the path(trail) at some point it seems that I was out of the car and walking with the dog and there came a place that he or she did not want to cross and was wining. I don’t remember everything so..OK thanks

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-02 9:33:31

    Dear Janece – In your dream you entered into a relationship with your inner male, which took you on a path where you were able to have a first look at many different aspects that are all a part of your natural inner world.
    In the context of this dream, your inner male symbolises your part that takes charge of certain situations – he is driving the car – and your dream figure reflects your more feeling and caring side, which became aware of this: “it seems like they were all searching for food or waiting on something”.
    It will be helpful to read about the animal symbols in the dream dictionary too like and and etc.
    In considering what our dream animal communicates to us, consider how you feel about that animal, what view you have of it, whether it excites, disgusts or frightens you. Is it funny because it exhibits some aspect of human nature so openly, like monkeys making love in public? Is it to be envied because it is so honest, like the dog growling at someone it doesn’t like or is frightened of, and giving obvious affection to someone it has a link with? With such straightforward questions we can arrive at what our dream animals represents to us personally.
    Since this was only a first encounter, I trust you will meet them in other dreams too where you can learn to interact with these inner aspects; feed them, develop a working relationship with them, for that is what they are waiting for.
    The people in your dream car are usually those who are important in your life. Even if they are not people you know. What they represent in age, sex or temperament is usually indicating something you need to take notice of.
    So please explore the “strange woman” by using “Being her” and/or “Singing/Talking like her”: and/or
    I see her singing as a joyful expression of harmony with your inner animal nature; she is encouraging you and sharing with you that you have what it takes to grow into that inner harmony again.
    “She was pale in color with a broad nose” I see as a symbol of the need to heal “her” – this pale/colourless part of your psyche – and her illness is caused by being hit emotionally by someone, which probably “broke her nose”; it damaged her natural instincts and intuition.
    Your inner dog is wining because it is afraid of what it/you might meet when you continue on your path. It is up to you if you will listen to the dog – “and there came a place that he or she did not want to cross and was wining” – or press on and go through your fear.
    No one else can decide that for you Janece; sometimes you have to develop more inner strength to be able to meet painful parts of your past.
    To understand what your inner dog is communicating to you, you can also use “Talking as the dog”.
    I trust I gave you enough to reflect on and do feel free to ask if questions might arise.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Rico 2015-04-10 14:22:26

Hi all! 🙂 This night I’ve dreamt of a path that I was walking, made of sand. I really ‘realised’ this path in my dream and then I continued on the path. The path let me through large green fields with *some* trees. In the dream, I felt relaxed in a sense and also curious as to what I would find along the path. A sort of peace surrounded me I guess.

The path was slight curvy but still reaching into a ‘forward’ direction.

I also dreamt that I was wearing a panda costume and I felt really happy in that. I can’t really find a clear meaning within myself or one that I can relate to on the net about this.

Does anyone know what the path and panda costume mean?

    -Anna 2015-04-11 10:46:10

    Hola Rico – What an interesting dream!! Your IP number shows that you live in Barcelona. When I researched if a Panda Bear could have any connection with Barcelona, I found that on May 28th the experimental musician Noah Benjamin Lennox also known as Panda Bear will give a concert in your city:
    Please also read
    Do you happen to know him and his music or do you remember seeing any announcement about his upcoming concert?
    Is music in any (experimental) form part of your life?
    I ask because of the similarities between the way you create your life and Panda Bear creates his music, for both of you walk “the Pathless Path”, meaning there is no method you use to find your own creative way in life and/or composing music.
    This from Bill Stimson says it all.
    A few years ago I dreamed Guo Yuan Shi, my favorite of the three monks then at the Ch’an Meditation Center, was teaching me the highest method.
    Next morning, I arrived early at the Center to set out the cushions for our Saturday sitting group. The street out front was uncharacteristically quiet. I stood on the sidewalk that chill morning and knocked softly at the double gray door. No response. I rang the doorbell and waited. The door opened. Guo Yuan Shi’s cheery face greeted me. I bowed.
    “I had a dream about you last night,” I said as I stepped inside and removed my shoes.
    He smiled.
    “I dreamed you taught me the highest method.”
    “The highest method,” he said, beaming from ear to ear, “is no method at all.”
    Also I wonder if you ever read the book “El Tao De Pooh”. Taoism as well is about the Pathless Path and Pooh is a member of the bear family too 😉
    Does this give you a start to explore your dream?
    Anna 🙂

      -Rico 2015-04-13 9:28:11

      Hola Anna! I’m amazed by how spot on your interpretation is! I’ll come back to it after answering your message 🙂

      I don’t recall knowing or seeing Noah, however, I did listen to Trance music (more than usual). I have been thinking about getting a program to play around with music and I go through phases of playing instruments.. I also recalled something that might actually be quite important! When I was 9 or so, I did a concert with my school (I played the violin) and it was related to animals (including my disposition for Panda’s then). The funny thing is that it was my first time with a violin so highly experimental as well. There’s so much resemblance with the symbols! I will also check out Noah’s music when I get home.

      You know, the funny thing is that I’ve been reading about ‘Wu Wei’ and Taoism the past days. ‘The highest method is no method at all’ is probably Wu Wei (I think haha).. Amazing 🙂

      This was just my first reaction but I’ll make sure to explore more of it 🙂 Amazing! Thank you so much Anna 😀

        -Anna 2015-04-13 13:54:36

        Hola Rico – I am pleased that you can relate to your dream in a more understanding way now. All our dreams are “spot on”, the only thing we have to do is learn to understand “their language” 😉
        While you are exploring, I feel it will be very helpful to also read this feature, for I see a connection with that 9 year old boy inside you – he is still alive within you 🙂 – who dares to experiment:
        And because you wrote “You know, the funny thing is that I’ve been reading about ‘Wu Wei’ and Taoism the past days” I trust this feature will give you some more insights as well:
        I see Wu Wei as what you are demonstrating now: “A kind of “going with the flow” that is characterized by great ease and awake-ness, in which – without even trying – we’re able to respond perfectly to whatever situations arise.
        Anna 🙂

          -Rico 2015-04-26 11:33:38

          Hi again Anna 😀 I feel what you’re saying! And I’ve followed through with the information you’ve given me, it’s really aligned with the path I’m on, so I’ve read through it some time ago. It’s true, I didn’t dare to experiment anymore because I grew up to be a perfectionist. In other words, not allowing myself to make ‘mistakes’. Even though they’re the best experiences to learn from.

          It’s still amazing how directly you connected the dots. I now know a little bit more about my path and can devote more fully to it. Thank you so much for helping me Anna! 😀
          –Rico 😉

          -Tony Crisp 2015-04-26 15:04:53

          Dear Rico – It is easy to connect the dots you share with me, because your mind is very open and as I perceive it your words easily AND clearly arise out of “It”.

          Some teachings talk of it as surrender, a yielding to the divine. However, because the idea of a God is foreign to many people, I believe it is easier to see it as surrendering to what is innate in oneself. This surrender is simply a form of stilling the conscious mind to allow other aspects of self to express. It is an opening of self to receive something that has not yet emerged into the small bright light of our personal awareness.

          Because of the ease with which you obviously can surrender to what is innate in you, I believe that writing can be a wonderful tool for you too to continue to explore your inner world and to continue to develop a more intimate relationship with your unconscious.



          It was a joy for me too to communicate with you and I wish you Godspeed on your path.

          Anna 🙂

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