The penguin hardly ever appears in dreams, or in fact in literature generally. so I have not been able to gather from people’s dreams how they use this symbol. From common associations however, it is likely to represent foolishness; a difficult life situation; coldness in relationships.

However, with the recent films about penguins you might have associations to do with great love and endurance.

It can also represent something rare and unusual.

See: Birds.


-Rebecca 2017-07-12 14:37:20

I had a dream that I was in a factory where they kept hundreds of penguins and was shuffling them from room to room. One room represented death and I could feel the penguins fear and panic as they were taken one by one and slaughtered and dismembered. The room was very cold and there was blood and even though I didn’t actual see the penguins being killed, I saw giant buckets of their black wings with blood running down the side that had been cut. I’m quite shaken by that dream.

-Kris 2012-09-30 17:54:34

Hi, I had a dream about a tiny penguin, he just appeared on the porch, and I took him in. He kept running away and I would have to find him. When he got dirty, I decided to wash him. I knew I had to be extra cautious as to not let him get washed down the drain. I dipped him in warm sudsy water be ause he was so dirty, but then I realized quickly that he needed cold water because he was a penguin. At some point I decided to put a helmet on him because he kept escaping and wanting to play in diert hills. After washing him so much he became a little still and wasn’t moving around as much. I thought perhaps it was the water temperature, bu I decided to take off the helmet and sadly realized he was bleeding because his head was stuck inside the helmet and he died. This is the second time I dreamed about a penguin. The first time was before i got engaged/married. I received it as a gift in the mail.

-Reva 2010-08-19 17:02:23

I had a dream where I was in the room of the one I love but am not with and his mother came in holding two baby penguins. He took one and held it and I tried to hold the other one but he wouln’t let me take it from his mother because he kept repeating “you cant hold the penguin, you dont know how to hold it and I dont trust that you’ll do it the right way.” Even though myself and his mother kept insisting that I was very capable of holding the penguin.

    -Tony Crisp 2010-09-06 8:56:40

    Reva – This is obviously about trust. The trust is about being separated from the mother at an early age.

    The difficulty is that is in deciding whether this is your feelings or a shrewd assessment of him not be able to trust your love for him. Was he separated from his mother at an early age – even in hospital – and therefore fears being left?


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