Warming up ones emotions; livening up the situation. It can also indicate irritation or stimulation. It is used to mean bombard someone or something when we say we peppered them with questions. It could be used to suggest the warming up of a relationship, a situation or sex.  Can even represent a sexual stimulant if hot peppers.

It can indicate something you use to add to your pleasure. Or a deterrent if you feel attacked. It might indicate hot stuff, enthusiasm, or too hot to handle.

Green and red peppers: Adding goodness if sweet peppers. Can also link with your cooking or eating.

Example: I had been chopping green peppers in the afternoon. In the dream I was chopping peppers with a very sharp knife and I stabbed my hand. I woke and my hand – I was in agony with the pain. I was leaping round the bedroom trying to flex my hand.

Example: I went back to get some pepper sauce. I think a piece of my food fell on the table because when I returned with my pepper sauce and plate of food in my hand, I saw a cockroach. I felt grossed out by it and did not bother to pick it up my food.



Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I have a hot temper, or heated feelings and desires?

Is there a current situation or something that is stimulating me?

Do I cook with pepper or peppers a lot?

Do I like or loathe them?

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