Emotional energy and drive. Potentially explosive emotions. See: Fuel.

Fuel/gas: Feeling drives; motivation; whatever has ‘fuelled one’s drive’. Petrol/gas is also a resource, something you know you can call upon to achieve something or ‘get somewhere’. So having an empty tank would suggest you have no such resources of energy, or motivation or ‘drive’ to achieve what you desire or need to do. It can sometimes indicate exhaustion and poor health. So it might indicate a change of diet or life style – getting more rest?

There is an interesting complexity here as you need resources – money – to get the resource of fuel.

Out of fuel/gas: No motivation or energy to do what you want. This could also be frustration and irritability or the loss of a meeting or opportunity. Feeling stumped.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream saying about my energy or resourcefulness, and how does that apply to me?

If I am without fuel is there any indication of how I can get it or why I am on ‘empty’?

Is there any sign in the dream what my relationship with my energy reserves is?

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