Inner feelings that few see. Sometimes symbolises sexual feelings, or even psychic body or aura. See: Clothes.

The colour and type alter the meaning of petticoats, but in general they signify something like petals do on a flower. A flower is the sexual organs of the plant, and the petals draw attention to the flowers central offering of pollen, nectar and its need to reproduce. So petticoats suggest a softness and femininity, a wrapping around the wonder a woman offers in her physical and emotional love.

A dream might show something like iron or starchy petticoats, and so this is the complete opposite, suggesting an emotional and sexual starchiness or hardness.

In some dreams the petticoats suggest a sort of wrapping around the fundamental sexual feelings or urges. In other words many women would be offended if one suggested their dress or tight blouse was to attract a sexual partner. So they are wrapping their feelings in a sort of obscurity. Petticoats sometimes depict this in a male or female dream. So removing them is to uncover the more fundamental feelings and awareness.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What colour is the petticoat and what does that suggest to me – what do I associate with that colour? See: colours.

What activities or feelings surround the petticoat in the dream?

What do the other clothes or events in the dream suggest about attitudes or stance being expressed here? See: underclothes.

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