Character blemishes if on face; worry about how you appear to others; sense of not being inwardly clean; feelings about ones spots.

Irritating inner feeling that has risen to consciousness. Worries about how you appear to others. A personality trait that is not healthy.

 Example: The bump became a black string tied up in some kind of knot inside my hand. I pulled on one end of the string and it unravelled easily and I painlessly pulled it all out. A moment later, on the same spot on the back of my hand, I pushed through a large amount of pus, as though from a pimple and I saw it come out in one large dark green/black swoop of gunk.

The knot that you pulled out suggests either emotions that were not expressed and became knotted up in an inner tension – shown by past dreams of running away; or a knot that tied you to another person in a way that undermined your self confidence.

 Example: I was looking at my bare back and saw these little pimples that looked almost like blackheads. I was talking to someone, I believe my brother, while I began popping them. When I started popping them these parasite worms Caterpillar things started coming out. The first one was medium sized but the next one I popped was huge. I’m not sure how it didn’t cut my skin because these parasites had sharp ends. I could feel them coming outside of me and in the dream I was just laughing and playfully saying “Ewww” as pulled the huge worms out of my back.

So it seems you realised a feeling or an attitude that got under your skin, and like a parasite was not doing you any good. So you were ‘pooping’ them out of you. (Your words). Such things are disturbing when you realise you have been carrying them around in you without being aware of them.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What did you feel when you saw the pimple(s)?

Do pimples bother you when or if you have them?

What was happening in the dream with the pimple?

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