Pin Pins

Connections with things, as you can’t pin that on me. Good luck. Minor hurt, possibly from someone else. Painful sex.

Small ideas, actions or information that help create something or hold things together; ones connection or emotional bond with things.

If stuck in: Irritation or hurts; irritating or painful sexual intercourse.

Pin can also refer to what in the UK is called a badge, so can link with abilities, affiliation with a group or organisation and what public or personal feelings and acclaim arise from that. See badge.

 Example: the dream of a woman with an unhappy ability of correcting her husband in public: She dreamed she was pinning a safety pin through his cheek in the presence of others. Later she wished to remove the pin, but her husband refused to allow her, saying, “I will wear it all day.”

In analyzing this dream, we had to discover what the safety pin in her husband’s cheek meant to her. She finally realized she had “marred his appearance or image and caused him to lose face.” She could then relate it to the previous day, when, in front of others, she had rebuked him. In the dream, her husband’s decision to wear the pin all day represented the memory of the rebuke which rankled. The dream called for her not only to apologize but to desist from further reprimands, for they were already “under his skin.”

Idioms: For two pins; don’t care two pins; on pins and needles; pin back ones ears; pin ones hopes on; pin someone down; pin something on someone; pin money.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the pin in the dream doing?

Was in sticking in you or someone else?

What do you associate with pin or pins?

Have you used them in creating clothes?

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