This indicates softness, femininity, a baby girl, or babyhood in general, or perhaps tender love rather than passionate love, the sort one might have for a child. It can also suggest happiness, or having a joyful optimistic view of life. See: red .

Pink is the colour of healthy flesh, and suggests glowing feelings or warmth, something alive and with emotions. Because the inside of the mouth and vagina are pink occasionally the colour is linked with deeply sensual sexual feelings. Pinks are also part of sunrise and sunset, and in some dreams suggest a new dawning of something, a resurrection and so a new life – or the glorious ending. It sometimes appears in dreams of ecstasy or religious wonder.

Example: I was standing in a very beautifully carved chapel or religious place. There seemed to be shadowy nun or monk like figures around. But it was the exquisite colouring of the  place which filled me with a sort of ecstasy. Everything was in the most delicate shell pink.  JAS.

Example: Jesus was looking at me. There was a light all around him, beautiful colours of cream, pink and gold. I could hear the most wonderful music and singing. I said to a young couple standing near, “Look at the Heavenly Choir, Oh! just listen to them”. Tears streamed down my face as I watched and listened. Doris.

Pink and white: Suggests cleanliness and warmth.

Pink and red: Sometimes this includes in the dream, feelings about love and passion, love or pain, or love and real hurt.

Idioms: In the pink; tickled pink; rose coloured glasses.

Useful questions:

Are there clues in the rest of the dream as to what feelings this depicts?

Am I feeling gentle love for someone, or is this about just feeling good?

Are there any signs of spiritual wonder in my dream, if so what is it I am experiencing?


-Carole 2015-10-29 0:50:52

Dreamed; my family left me alone & I was standing in a pink wall. That’s all I remember.

-Rebecca 2013-03-24 22:26:33

I dreamt there was a guy who was wearing the name of my tumblr blog on a white handkerchief around his neck.

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