Depends what they are used for in dream. Can be security in life if flooring – or sense of losing basic support if rotten floor. See: floor under house and buildings.

If for making something: Ones potential; the materials you have for undertaking a project or ‘making something of oneself’.

If nailed above one: Feeling of being trapped, fear of death; setting up ones own death, in the sense of killing ones chances in work or relationship. See: fence; coffin; wood.

Plank like: Someone who is stiff as a board and so is very tense.

Standing on a plank: This represents the things that give you support. For instance you might the confident about dealing with individuals, but anxious when dealing with a group. The feelings or attitudes underlying the confidence or insecurity are represented by how you are standing in your dream.

 Example: One student dreamed in straightforward picture symbols that he was walking on a muddy country road on what he believed to be planks, placed there to keep people from getting their shoes and feet soiled. As he looked at the planks, he discovered that instead of boards they were Bibles covered with newspapers.

The man had a great interest in religion, and the dream reminded him of the necessity to apply spiritual truths (the Bibles) to daily life (the newspapers): this alone would keep him from slipping into materialism (the mud). The planks represented the firm foundation which he sought.


 Useful Questions and Hints:

What were you doing in relation to the plank(s)?

Were they to walk on or to build with?

Was something built with planks – if so what?

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