The way in which emotion and energy are directed. If you believe in free love, this belief directs the emotions differently than if you feel that sex is a sin. So each belief or set of attitudes is a different plumbing system. A burst water pipe would therefore represent a breaking out of previously controlled or directed energy or emotions – or it could suggest a problem physically, as it could refer to your internal ‘plumbing’ – intestines, colon bladder, kidneys, etc. Get a physical check if you feel discomfort anywhere in the abdomen. See: pipe; waterTap.

 Plumber repairing: It suggests a healing action is taking place.

 Example: Images of water, plumbing, bathroom sinks or faucets show up in her dreams 24 to 48 hours before she comes down with a cold or congestion. “They say that while you’re sleeping your brain is doing a scan of your body. If there’s anything unusual, it can pick up on that.”  Janet McCall

Example: A colleague’s elderly client was depressed about becoming incontinent. He began telling her about his uncle and aunt who had a lovely old country house, where some of the family lived and which everybody loved. And then gradually he started to introduce the metaphor – that as the house grew older, it got damper, and there were a few damp patches and plumbing problems, but nobody seemed to mind, everybody still loved the house and they kept bringing their families and their friends there. She came out of her depression without even having known that she had had help. Alison Motluk


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I had any trouble with my internal plumbing?

Do your dreams show any water leaking, damp patches or water troubles?

When did you last have to call a plumber?

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