Plough Ploughing plowing ploughed

It suggests working at preparing or changing oneself or a situation or making way for new growth. It could indicate using past experience for enabling future growth. Also to break and change habits, opinions and attitudes of the past; to prepare for change or the reception and growth of new ideas and to make past experiences fertile.

If the ground is ploughed it can suggest the womb, and maybe preparing it for fertility. If the ground has not been touched it can indicate virginity and purity. Ploughing a force that cuts the earth in an effort to plant seeds so might be seen as a creative force. It is often representing sex, especially the planting of male seeds in a woman.

Ploughing or plough is often used in reference to reinvesting money in one’s business; A prominent formation of seven stars in the constellation Ursa Major (the Great Bear), also called the Big Dipper; a yoga asana or posture; to plough on means to continue despite difficulties; to plough a lonely furrow is to go in ones independent and maybe isolated direction; plough through a subject indicates effort to study or to turn over new ideas. Other meanings, preparation, making ready, especially for mental faculties of thoughts and inspiration.

In dreams one often walks in a circle, or ploughs, or is moved in a circle. This means that one is enclosing, protecting or bringing the enclosed under the influence of the power that caused you to circle.

During conception the image of a ploughed field or the earth and the moon often occurs in drams.

 Example: I saw a dark brown fertile field in which a plough was cutting large furrows. Suddenly I myself became the field and the sharp steel plough went easily through the length of my body and cut me into two halves. Although it hurt, it was indescribably beautiful. I experienced myself as the ploughed-up field, and the furrow as my own flesh, but it was not bleeding.

Medard Boss reports this dream of a woman who though experienced in sex, had not previously felt deep love. He says the richness and depth of her sexual feelings when in love, are depicted by the dream and being joyfully cut open.

 Example: ‘I see a little girl humming an innocent tune, plucking daisies in a vast lush green field. Suddenly a huge machine or monster comes ploughing through the field over the girl.’ Debbie H.

Debbie sees life itself as a machine, unfeeling, mechanical, and blind in its functioning. The word juggernaut is from Sanskrit Jaganatha, lord of the world. Devotees formerly threw themselves under a huge cart – a juggernaut – as it moved. Such a huge machine can represent the massive social organisation we are bound up in, or the apparently blind violence of life. Some of us relate well to this process that goes on its way blind to individuals; some are ground under by its demands.

Plough: Making the ground/mind or body ready for growth pr planting new ideas. A means of ‘ploughing’; male sexuality in its move toward parenthood – or sowing the seeds.

Plough under: To clear the way for the new, a type of cleansing, forgiving, letting go, and preparing the mind for the coming new seeds and plants. It may signal the end of one cycle and beginning of another.


But to understand the world effects of ploughing see – Kiss The Ground – YouTube


Useful Questions and Hints:

Can you identify with any definitions of plough or ploughing?

Did you note any feelings with the dream?

Was there any sexual activity or sexual feelings in the dream?

Is there any likelihood of conception or a new sexual partner?

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