To abuse someone’s rights and feelings against their real wishes or to feel similarly abused. This might also indicate the way you misuse your own abilities or resources. If a man forces himself upon a girl, and despite her requests for him to leave her alone, uses her body for his own ends, then he has plundered. In lesser or other ways, we are often plundered by others who disregard our real feelings and use force, or vice versa.

 The loss of things valued; the perhaps quiet or surreptitious taking of valuable time, energy, love, either by your own carelessness, or through relationship with others. Or perhaps you are taking these from someone else. It may also refer to feelings of resentment or anger. See: burglar or intruder.

 Example: I screamed out that I wasn’t going to ever get that deep with the woman again, to be sucked dry. This was why the cut off occurred with my wife. I had never gone that deep sexually with a woman before, and I had hit this and resolved not to let any woman into my sexual life to plunder it against my will.

 Example: I dream that I’m lying under a high tree in a dark wood. I want to climb, up, up to the top, and look round over the bright landscape where the sun is shining – plunder the bird’s nest up there where the golden eggs lie. And I climb and climb, but the trunk is so thick and slippery, and it’s so far to the first branch. But I know that if I could only get to that first branch, I’d climb my way to the top as though up a ladder. I haven’t reached it yet, but I shall reach it, even if it’s only in a dream.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel I am misusing my own abilities or resources against others for my own gain?

Is someone is abusing my rights and feelings against my wishes?

How do I act, as a passive or active person?

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