Poetry Writers and dreams

Writing of prose or poetry can arise from many human impulses. It can be the basic sexual urge; the urge to become famous or rich; or the tremendous impulse to get enough to eat and survive, or the simply urge to communicate. But there is also in some writers something that pushes them on to express themselves – the tremendous pressure to express what they are which is often arising from deep within them and may be mixed with feelings of not being recognised, of not being understood, or even a desire to explain their truth.

This may be involved in a type of destined urge to tell things – which may at first be unclear in them – but like a growing bud, slowly gains strength and size until it burst out in all it splendour.

Such urges are often foreshadowed or even inspired by dreams or intuition. Also the ideas of what is written in this way are not thought out or planned, but are projects arising from the unconscious. Often we forget how creative life/the unconscious is. It doesn’t reason or think logically – something many intellectuals forget – for no one is more fully conscious of the real meaning of “creation” than the Artist, whether he or she be painter, poet or musician; or of the difference between “creating” and “producing” or “making.”

Creating is a function of life, for living things create fruits. We are like everything living around us we a part of creative Life. So being creative in one way or another is inborn in us. We want to leave our seeds whether as parents or artists using brush, words, notes or design.

Many an Artist has laboured for years to “realise” outwardly, in concrete form, the inner conception which, once “created,” haunts his soul. Often he fails altogether, and seldom does he feel that he has fully succeeded. His work, as far as he has been able to carry it, may seem to the outsider, to be a “masterpiece.” but to the Artist himself, who holds in his soul the created prototype, it appears unsatisfying. Between the dream and the attempted realisation, he sees the difference between “Heaven” and “Earth.” 

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