Integral Education



Integral Education regards the child as a growing soul and helps him to bring out all that is best, most powerful, most innate and living in his nature. It helps the child develop all facets of his personality and awaken his latent possibilities so that he acquires

  • a strong, supple, healthy, beautiful body
  • a sensitive, emotionally refined, energetic personality
  • a wide-ranging, lively intelligence and will
  • the subtler spiritual qualities that unify and harmonise the being around his inmost Truth or Soul

The focus and emphasis in Integral Education (IE) is not just information and skills acquisition but also self-development, triggered from within the child and supported and nourished by teachers and parents. Every experience becomes a learning tool for the child as he grows. IE helps him to integrate with his true self, his surroundings, his society, his country and humanity in other words, to become the complete being, the integrated being that he is meant to be.

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