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Sometimes symbolises interests in how you govern your outer life as distinct to inner life. Naturally, if you have strong political feelings, it would symbolise the underlying attitudes that produce these feelings or ideas. It also links with shrewdness, or attempts to manoeuvre or influence; or perhaps to do the thing that others will support.

The politician in your dream suggests talents or urges toward leadership or ways of dealing with your social or economic situation. But it depends what you feel about politicians, and if it is a politician you know, then her or she will be an indication of those feelings and in what way they are active in your life. It could suggest you are playing at politics, speaking much and saying little, or whatever you may associate with politicians.  See Characters and People in Dreams

If you have rigid views about politics, religion, society, or the subject of the dream you are trying to research, they act upon the formation of creative realisation just as a rigid tense body would act upon the expression of a dance. As much as possible let go of them.

The new attitudes in women, and new ideas and urges in regard to world politics, religion, family life, music and art, have arisen originally in a few individuals who found a creative relationship with their own inner life. They were able to see through the constricting views and standards in which they were raised. Their own inner frustration and pain demanded to be heard and they listened. Out of that arose the new themes we can now see in the theatre, films, music and social reform. So does your dream present a criticism or a new insight into politics? Our dreams clarify our inner politics, what is going on within us in the huge world of our inner life. And because our inner and outer cannot easily be disconnected, and often we are in conflict with ourselves, shown as feeling ill at ease or depressed, we can do a lot worse than trying to enter the inner world of our dreams.

Politics are extremely important because they often arouse tremendous support or antagonism. The released inner response of our being in dreams and in our life is revolutionary in nature. This is probably why established traditions of religion, medicine and politics often suppress any signs of its appearance.

 Example: Confusion in the street. No matter what I found it was no good. Was that why I was put away in an orphanage? Because I didn’t have the answers. Two children having children (my parents) like E. and G., Kids!. There is nowhere to go. Live under guilt, the anger always mad. Worked with you over the years because of the pain. . Nobody else understands. It’s all my own journey. Always thinking I’m not strong enough, not emotional enough. . . . . . . . . That has a yes to it. (To T.) You did or you have found the right way the right way. It does not accept or deny the different aspects of life from politics to religion. etc. The Buddhists say they have found it but they walk about with the robes on – three meals a day. There is a choice as to whether the west to stay within it. In India- I saw three Buddhists with a rich couple, Big men, the main man was like a Mafia boss. Power.

That is a man’s revolutionary feelings as he explored his actual life experience.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel politics are an important part of my life?

Am I feeling revolutionary feelings about politics?

Do I feel nothing about politics?

What was my dream saying about politics and my feelings about it?

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