Something the unconscious is trying to show you. Something you want other people to see, know about it or become aware of. See: Newspaper.

A poster can be an attempt to influence you, or even cause uncertainty. A means of attempting to pressurize you to do or buy something. This would suggest pressures you feel from outside. Posters can be ideas expressed as imagery, or words that for some reason you hold within and review in your dreams. Posters confront you with decisions – yes or no – shall I or shall I not?

Then can even be inspiration in time of uncertainty. The example is true description  =of a young man who had regressed to the age of a five year old. The description is how it felt to be five and lost.

Example: There was in fact only one seat left on the train. It was in the middle of four other people, facing a row of five other people opposite him. Cules made his whole body tight, trying to control the magic tides that were still flowing through him like changing winds and waters. He felt sure that if he didn’t do this, the magic would overwhelm him and cause him to cry like the frightened young boy he now was. What made it more difficult was that directly opposite him sat a very motherly looking woman with wonderfully ample bosoms who smiled sweetly at Cules. The magic tore at Cules to fall forward on to his knees and sink his face into her lap so that she would hold and protect him. He had to look away from her and fold his arms very hard to keep control.

Then the train started to move, and this seemed to make things a little easier for him. Even so he wondered with some dread how he was going to make the journey. Then the train entered the long tunnels leading away from the Paddington station toward the outskirts of London. Holding hard on to his own arms, Cules watched the darkness outside the window intersperse occasionally with brilliant light as the train passed through the large open air ducts. Suddenly the train entered another of these ducts, and there in brilliant sunlight was a huge billboard with what felt like a direct message from God to Cules written across it in huge letters. It said, “TAKE COURAGE!” Then Cules knew he would survive the journey.

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