Some part of yourself, or a realisation that has brought something to your notice. An experience that has made you realise something. Hopes for contact with or news from someone. See: letter.

This is about receiving communications, expected or unexpected, and also of course you means of connecting and communicating with others. It depicts feelings you have about good news, bad news, and all the feelings in between. The postman/woman can indicate all the hopes, the waiting, the plans that go into the ideas, love, threats and feelings we send out and receive. There can be things arriving or sent in this way to do with change, reward or disappointment.

A postman is also a good guide to finding your way or finding a person.

 Example: An unconventional looking postman delivered a registered package. But I didn’t open it.’ This was taken to mean that due to an unconventional experience, the dreamer had realised something. Something had ‘registered’ on his consciousness, but he had not explored the possibilities of it.

Example: I receive these Xmas cards from Noy and Nothy without a street address, no city. I told them that I would be in the States and they sent them here (Bangkok). It is a miracle that they arrived here. I am showing them to T. And some other people here. My name? I’m not sure. There may have been a big clue on the picture on the card that told the postman where to send the cards. “It is a miracle that they got to me, I tell people.

Postman knock: (A game played by children and youths in a party, where one person acts as a person answering the door. The rest of the group wait to see who the person answering the postman’s knock will choose, and person chose has to kiss him or her.) In a dream it can indicate the pleasure or displeasure of the game. It is a form of practise run for adult sexual meeting – or even promiscuous meeting.

 Example: This came about because of my connection with Joan, because one of my main memories connected with her is about the game of postman’s knock at a party, in which I made a choice of not kissing anybody but Joan. This placed me at odds with the rest of the children and so I left the party because I refused to kiss a girl I had no feelings for.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I recently realised something that was brought to my notice?

Do I have hopes for love, work, or some change in my life?

Am I waiting for news or contact?

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