The drives, creativity, you are shaping your life with, or being shaped by; the Self.

The saying, potter around, suggest a time or feeling that you can be free to do what you feel like or be serendipitous – which means finding out things without having searched for them.

“All creation involves destruction: in order to shape the clay into the desired form, the potter must first destroy its existing form. The same applies to personal reconstruction: the old self must die – sometimes painfully – if the new self is to be born.” Quoted from A Dictionary of Dream Symbols by Eric Ackroyd – an excellent book.

Is there a Big Potter that we are all creations of – or maybe are expressions of? I had an experience where I was look at bubbles I notice each one has an eye looking at me. Fascinated I bend lower to look back at these eyes. When I do so I see they are not ‘eyes’ but ‘I’s’. Each is a tiny reflection of myself looking back at me. Amused I ponder this multitude of me. Each tiny being, with its own individual sense of self, its own eyes and legs and fingers, feels it is separate from its fellows – and it is. But what they don’t realise is that their awareness, their consciousness is a reflection of me. I am their god. Out of me all have their being. – Then suddenly I realised I am myself a bubble. I too have a sense of being independent, with my own eyes, fingers and legs. Yet in reality I am only a reflection of one great life – One Self existent in all diversity and multifarious forms.


Useful questions or hints:

What am I shaping or making for my life right now?

Am I being affected or shaped by outside influences?

Am I aware of being in the hands of The Potter?

Have I ever felt part of one great life?

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