Poverty Poor

Feelings of being inadequate; negative emotions depriving you of well being; sense of deprivation; being tight emotionally and sexually. Sometimes an expression of insecurity.

In a certain sense, the pain arising from abandonment, and feelings attending it, can arise from other losses, such as termination of employment or loss of status. This can be seen as a confrontation with one’s own internal poverty. If this can be accepted, then the situation becomes an opportunity to gradually transform old pains and dependencies. The roots of these frequently become revealed if we accept the pain as a signpost to its source and understanding. Awareness of the part such pain has played in your life is a tremendous means of transformation. See Avoid Being Victims; Martial Art of the Mind

Parts of our experience become repressed because there is an automatic reaction in us to avoid pain or pull away from anything that frightens us. Therefore painful experience such as experiencing pverty may never be fully felt or understood at the time. Reliving such experience allows us to review and integrate vital information about ourselves. At times of great physical or emotional stress or anguish we unconsciously make decisions that influence the way we behave thereafter. Frequently all the analysis in the world cannot relieve a neurotic pattern or decision until the repressed emotion holding it in place is released to be consciously experienced and therefore understood. In fact being able to meet emotional pain and fear is the way to a wider and more productive life. See Life’s Little Secrets

 As Wilda B Tanner writes in her Magical World of Dreams, “All too often, we teach and are taught how to avoid anything which is ugly, painful, distasteful, or upsetting to us. One of the most important things we need to learn is that our problems actually serve as beacons of light or as magnifying glasses, emphasising or pointing out our most crippling fears, our most restrictive attitudes, prejudices, and misconceptions which are holding up our progress-things we really must face up to and overcome if we are to grow.” See Method to Manage Intense Emotion

Do you have fullness or poverty of imagination. Without imagination you are on a desert island of opportunity and creativity. In our life in today’s world the imagination of dreams is still very important. Einstein who was one of the greatest minds of recent years said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Considering that we are only aware of 1% of visible light, and 1% of audible sound we live in constant impoverishment. Our dreams which often show that we live in states of mind that reach far beyong our usual limitations and are often of the timeless, are enriching and take away our poverty.

“It is probably no accident that the society which most consistently encouraged the use of these substances, India, produced one of the sickest social orders ever created by mankind, in which thinking men spent their time lost in the Buddha position under the influence of drugs exploring consciousness, while poverty, disease, social discrimination, and superstition reached their highest and most organized form in all history.”

But it is also true that our own society has a very one sided view. It see the richest and best looking as the most successful; completely ignoring the massive poverty of our own western society in which the enormously wealthy live in a world divided by an enormous gap living below the poverty line.

“Did I mention that one in six children in Texas lacks health insurance, the second-highest rate in the nation? So the freedom to die extends, in practice, to children and the unlucky as well as the improvident. And the right’s embrace of that notion signals an important shift in the nature of American politics.”
A sense of poverty or evidence of it can be seen in your dreams. What clothes are you wearing in your dreams and what are the feelings you have about them. Also what social status does the house in your dream suggest? Do the surroundings of the house suggest wealth, poverty or some level of social status? If so try to define it and how you relate to it now or in the past.

We know how much good the wise use of money can do. Few, in these affluent times, realize, however, that poverty, also, has its compensations. For suffering often releases spiritual powers that aid others. Also it teaches us compassion through understanding and gives us greater patience, accompanied by an appreciation of life in general.

Example: One day on exploring a dream I realised that all my life I had worked for money, and in all those years I was no better off financially. In fact I was always in the red. With the realisation came the insight that I could get money to work for me. I started by my wife and I saving as much as possible. I saw people in super markets piling botles of alcohol and other unnecessary expenses – one we couldn’t afford. So gradually we saved a £1000 – enough to enter an investment fund. Gradually I learned how to make money work for me. I learned gradually to keep my expectations simple, and not invest in chancy things. Today I am earning enough to live on. I made money work for me.

Useful questions or hints:
Am I living in the midst of finacial or emotional poverty?
Can I see what directions I have taken or missed that have led me here?
What does my dream say about poverty?
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