Present Presents

Depends very much on who or what gives the present. May symbolise the giving or receiving of love, recognition, depending on the context.

If you can, examine the presents given and what you feel about them and wish to do with them. Are they life affirming or dangerous?

Receiving: Pleasure, expectation or disappointment. Being affirmed; feeling recognised or loved; gaining something from a relationship.

Giving: feelings of warmth or even love – or it might be a habit or duty through expectation. Giving of self – negative or positive; perhaps having sex. If it is a present actually received in life, probably relates to giver and how it was given. See: parcel or package.

 Example: Dreamt last night I visited S. at a house. She came to the door and gave me two presents. I put them in my pocket. One was a revolver, and I believe the other was a ring. Then I walked along a lonely road, I believe it was dusk. The road led past an army camp on the right – perhaps American? Before I got to the camp I was stopped and searched by two soldiers. This was because the camp was very important, or secret, and only those known to be safe were allowed near it. When the revolver was found, I was immediately suspected of ill motives. They said, “Well, even if you had no intentions of using this gun in connection with the camp, the fact you are walking that way, and carrying a gun, makes you suspect.” I felt I was in a very awkward situation, and kept thinking what a fool I was not to have realised the gun would be seen in this light. But as one of the men was examining it, in some way it fired. Instead of a bullet however, a little flag popped out. On it was written, “I love you.” The atmosphere immediately changed, and became even more positive and loving than it would have been without the original suspicion.

 Being present: Represents readiness to listen to or respond to what else the dream shows you.

Example: I’m making love to Howard. It is pleasant. Then he turns and presents his butt so I can lick his penis. I’m not thrilled, but everything else is so pleasant, I guess I can accommodate him.


Useful questions or hints:

Was I giving or receiving? See giving; receive

What feelings did I experience or were suggested in the dream?

What was the present(s)?

See Key WordsContext/ThemeContext/Theme Being the Person or Thing

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