This may be a suggestion from your unconscious that you should take seriously.

 Sometimes is can be a warning to take particular foods or vitamins or even a warning against taking a particular medicine. Or it can be a health or attitude situation that needs help with. It is often not prescribing a medicine but something you should do, a new direction in life or new attitudes.

Example: After getting inside the dentist’s office they called my name and I went up to the desk.  They gave me a prescription I have never heard of.  On the bottle it said that it “was for calming, but not to be taken by those who are over active with the main vein.”

 Example: He was not able to work and then we lost our house. It was obvious, after his death that he kept his prescription addiction a secret and unfortunately, I was not aware of the depth of his condition when he took his life. My husband passed away from a drug overdose on Feb. 28, ’11. I have had several dreams of him and feel him around me all the time (even with objects that have been obviously moved to get my attention) – but not once in these dreams does he speak.

Useful questions or hints:

What did you understand from the dream prescription?

Are there things you can apply or do?

Is it a response from a health worry you have?

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