Some gain in self understanding or insight found through your endeavours. Realising or achieving something valuable. Recognition of your own skill, growth or achievement. A desire to win, or be superior. Fear of losing. Feeling rewarded; occasionally intuition about a coming acclaim; feeling good about yourself, therefore self congratulation; can also be compensatory in that you want or need praise and recognition.

 To understand what the prize refers to, you must remember that most of the processes of your life take place unconsciously – for instance digestion, heartbeat and cell regeneration. What you might not know is that this unconscious action sometimes expresses as if it were an independent part of you. It comments through intuition and dreams on how well or badly you are treating these vital life processes, in fact life itself. So a dream prize can be a positive comment from your unconscious that you are relating well to Life.  

This was shown in woman’s dream in which her prize was the realisation of the part her masculine side played in her life and success.

If someone else is receiving the prize do you feel jealous? If you do, then you are feeling unrewarded and in need of praise. The unconscious respects above all else efforts toward becoming a fuller and more balanced person. Even if the dream prize is for a race or tournament, it can still be about succeeding in the human ‘race’ we all take part in.

If you are generally unrewarded in life, the dream might be compensatory because you need encouragement. In which case take time to recognise the things you have achieved and are good at.

 Example: There are a bunch of tiny burros and we try to ride them. If we stay on long enough, we win a prize. The prize is permission to make love to a person of our choice, if they agree. Several men try to ride and don’t make it. I manage to hang on and win. I am given a small container with birth control stuff in it. I like this one man and am shy and want to ask him, but am afraid to. I am on a bed area that belongs to my parents. Then I put a small kitten in a car where his puppy already is. I get into the driver’s seat of the car with the animals. A part where I choose another man to make love to and get into a cubicle and we start to thump and bump when the man of my real choice is upset and tries to figure out a way to intervene. He does interrupt, maybe making a noise or sending someone in or slamming a door. I come out before the thing has gone to orgasm.


Useful questions or hints:

Are you receiving the prize?

What is the prize for?

Have you been rewarded in life generally?

Have I gained some self-understanding or insight?

Is this about the desire to win or to be superior?

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