An idea, belief, or outer influence, like alcohol, or drugs, that you may need at a particular time to keep from falling or failing in some way. We may take a particular medicine due to a fear of ill­ness for instance. Although we may not be ill at all, a medicine helps to suppress the fear. Dreams often aim at removing the prop and facing up to the fear which caused us to lean upon it.

But the prop may also represent what you are doing for someone else, or for another situation, propping up a person or an activity by your support. Also a prop can represent strength without which what was supported would fall/fail. Also there are many kinds of prop or props – a clothes line prop; a prop/propeller; a stage prop; prop up the bar.

 Example: There were ordinary train type or bus type seats there, but there was no place to put my feet because if I put them down there were sort of emergency brakes and so I had to sort of prop them on the cow catcher.

Example: Look, this is how it works. Your sister is a stage prop and represents whatever you associate with her. For example, if she is a support to you then she acts as that in your dream; or if she is someone who is always needy and desperate, then she represents that in your dream.


Useful questions or hints:

Is this a prop or crutch I am using in life such as alcohol or drugs?

What I am doing for someone else, propping them up by my support?

What props do I use to support my self confidence – perfume, make up, clothes or what?

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