A driving force or interest. The driving energy of your emotions or decisions. This energy might arise from ambition, your will, desire to be somebody, or to get somewhere, or just energy you need to express. If there is damage to the propeller, it could suggest you have lost the enthusiasm or energy that usually gets you ‘off the ground’ in what you undertake.

 Example: I was flying with an Xbox remote controller that had a small propeller attached to the front of it. To my surprise the fan was generating enough power and lift for me to hold on from it and fly. I flew quite a bit, it was really easy to manoeuvre with, but at some point I felt that my hands were getting tired of holding the remote controller. So I decided to land. It was so much fun.

 Useful questions or hints:

What is the driving energy behind my emotions and decisions?

Do I sometimes lack the drive to do things and can I see what does it?

What part did the propeller play in your dream?

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