Prosecution Prosecute Prosecutor

Either a fear of having done wrong, a desire to do so, or guilt. Or is this the feeling that someone else has wronged you and you have a drive to right what is felt as a wrong.

If you are being prosecuted it might represent anxiety about possible results, or anger or desire to fight against the prosecutor. Prosecuting is an active action and might even be seen as persecution.

 Example: In court I am discussing the case with the prosecutor (top dog). We go over various people/categories and he wants to prosecute them all. Some I agree with, but some I don’t. One a woman – we call her “thirds” for her need for 3 sex acts – seems to be out of control when she is drunk but okay otherwise. He wants to prosecute her, but I don’t agree.

Example: A woman picks up one of the kids in a car. I tell the younger kids they can’t come in my house. They have to wait outside. I am very angry. I will call the police. The phone rings and it is a mother wanting to know what I plan to do. I say I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law because of the poor turkeys. It is difficult to talk because I am so angry. I can’t breathe.


Useful questions or hints:

Have done something wrong or feel guilty?

Has someone wronged me and I desire to take action to right this wrong?

What are my feelings in the dream?

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