Prostitute Prostitution

May depict the misdirection of love and affection for financial ends, or selfish motives. Or feelings of sexual inadequacy. Desperate sexual needs.

The whore is also a symbol of the earth in its destructive mother aspect. The swallower of souls, of masculinity and attempts to mature. It is the whore, or mother, from whose emotional or sensual hold on us we have not found a way to break free. So it represent powerful feelings of need that we feel angry about, and therefore project aggressive criticism to our mother.

Dire sexual need unconnected to feelings of care or respect; sexuality breaking out of deadening moral restrictions; feeling you have ‘sold out’ or betrayed your real self or real feelings in order to survive or for money; on the game, or playing sexual games. See Archetype of the Prostitute; Archetype of the Female Choice

 Modern slavery is also often shown as a way to force someone into prostitution.

In some societies such as England and the USA they do not want to admit or face the prostitution and crime surrounding it, so instead of admitting to ourselves we dream of awful ghostly or forbidden images that haunt us. In other countries prostitution is accepted and legal.

Sterility in men and women has been incredibly important for people through the ages, and in the temples of Isis and Seraphis in Greece and Rome, with Diana in Ephesus, or Ino in Sparta, a cure was achieved through a form of sacred prostitution. In fact during the late 16th and 17th centuries in France, male impotence was considered a crime, as well as legal grounds for a divorce.

Woman’s dream: Unacknowledged sexual longings; feelings of ‘cheapness’ or guilt in sex; desire to be more free sexually.

Woman dreaming another woman is prostitute: Ones own hidden desires; feeling the other woman is promiscuous or might be in competition with her; uncertainty about ones own sexual value.

Man’s dream: Wishing a woman was more available; wish that sexual relationship were as simple as an exchange of cash; being ill at ease about his sexual practices; feeling unable to break free of sexual dependence on partner/mother.

 Example: Dreamt I was involved in having a prostitute work for me. Terry.

On looking at my dream and wondering why the prostitute was working for me it was obviously to do with love and sex. What it showed me was that I always try to use love and sex for personal gain. It always has to be on my terms instead of loving a person for their own sake.

 Example: The woman has been pushed into being aware in a rudimentary way of how the class system pushes women of lower birth into a terrible dilemma. I stood in the role of the woman and described how those in positions of authority, and that meant almost anyone born into greater wealth and education, were all used it to manipulate the lower class. It was used like a pressure to push women into taking a man in one form or another. As the woman I felt that I had avoided prostitution by accepting that men wanted sex, so I could choose either to have it unwillingly with one man or with many. I chose the one man option, and did what was necessary to keep myself in that role, as the other options I felt were worse.

Example: The dream felt as if it was set in Germany, but I was my present age and temperament. I was relaxing in a city, it was daytime, and I was sitting on a bench on a wide pavement. There didn’t seem to be many people about. As I sat there a woman came up to me and asked me if I wanted sex with her. I told her that I was not interested in sex and she took hold of my arm in a way to make physical contact with me, and said to me something like, “Oh yeah!” I put my hand over hers in a very warm compassionate way, and I could feel that gentle love for another human being who is having a hard life. As I did this I said to her that I didn’t want sex but if she was hungry we could go to have a meal somewhere. She looked at me and said that she didn’t want to do that as she had to work. I understood that if she didn’t work she couldn’t survive in her world.

I explored the dream involving the prostitute. It was clearly a confrontation with the possibility of sex. But it was sex represented in a particular way, the power of being possessed by the desire. The prostitute gains her living because men are directed to her by their desire, a desire they cannot stand aside from. They therefore risk disease, social condemnation and personal accusations. However, I do not reject this with any judgement, simply with compassion. In fact the dream felt as if it incorporated the wonderful feeling of transcending much of what ties the human soul in bondage.

 Example: I went to a place with my mother and her best friend where we had intercourse with male prostitutes, one after the other. I was lost, and before my turn came I was in a corridor from which I could hear but not see. This was the most exciting part. I felt that my orgasms would be extremely intense since the men were “professionals,” and since I was excited, and in a brothel with my mom. From Sexual Dreams by Gayle Delaney.

 Example: We have no money, no food. We think about ways we can get money. We decide the only way is to be prostitutes. We lure 3 guys in 3 cars to us. I have 3 men in my car, 2 standing and one lying down in the trunk. I sit on top of him. I’m so good that he has orgasm in just a few seconds. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m a good prostitute. One of the guys standing hands me $15. I say, “No, I said $50 to $100.” He says, “Take it or leave it sister,” and sneers. I feel calm. I stand up and put my hands on my hips like Wonder Woman and use my mind power. Their wallets float to me. They looked flabbergasted. I smile.

Other associations might be: Feeling you have ‘sold out’ or betrayed your real self or real feelings in order to survive or for money; on the game, or playing sexual games.

Useful questions or hints:  

Does this involve selling yourself?

Are you a slave to your need for sex or a woman or man?

Does dreaming of a prostitute produce feelings of desire or repugnance?

Or do you feel it is a service to mankind?

Does this indicate a lack of love and affection?

Is this about sexual longing, but feel I have lack of skill for an everyday relationship?

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