Psychoanalysis Psychoanalyst Psychologist

Often used as a dream symbol of your attempts to understand self, to release self from problems, to find one’s true being. In these dreams the analyst usually depicts your strength or character brought to bear on the difficulties you are trying to redeem.

If you are undergoing therapy, it can represent the dynamics and the personal responses you are feeling about what is happening. The psycho-analyst represents the part of yourself effecting change, mental and emotional growth, insight, ore even your resistance or difficult feelings about the dream character.

It may also be used as a symbol of a fear of mental illness, or the difficulties you experience in meeting the irrational part of yourself. See: analyst under roles

Example: The psychologists have trained a pack of theories and facts which they keep in leash, like so many bulldogs, and which they let loose upon us whenever we depart from the strait and narrow path of dream probability. Helen Keller

Example: My psychologist has diagnosed me as transsexual. Tony Crisp diagnosed me as human; and as Tony Crisp pointed out, human beings are paradoxical. That makes me the biggest paradox of all time.

Useful questions or hints:

Did the psychologist give me any insights or useful information?

Was I the psychotherapist in my dream?

Did I agree or disagree with the psychologist person?

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