Push Chair – stroller – buggy

Relating to babyhood, being dependent or even pregnancy. It could also suggest having responsibility if you are pushing it.

Many of us have memories, not always nice ones of being in stroller/buggy/push chair.

 Example: When I arrived there was a baby boy in a push chair near the front of the house, with lots of people around. I started talking to the baby and he really responded to me with a lot of pleasure. Later I had a strong urge to hold him, and eventually asked the mother if I could hold her baby. I mention this because I realised once again how strong the female in me is, and how much I can relate to children through that part of me.

Useful questions or hints:

What memories or associations do I have with being in or pushing one?

Did you even experience any fears connected with the stroller/buggy/push chair?

What feelings do I have of seeing my child in the stroller/buggy/push chair?

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