The philosophy or ideas that enable you to produce results, or effect changes. An attitude or standpoint that enables you to overcome obstacles or barriers. Also it can be a way that you can access your immense dream strength. Sometimes the effects are through cooperation with another person or people.

 Example: After walking for a long time I come to the high banks of a dry river bed. After I do much moaning and groaning about having to go back again, some guys come forward and suggest that there is another way across – by a pulley system (hanging from a rope while someone pulls me across to the other side). I am reluctant to try it, but another guy who did comes to tell me that he did it. And so I am about to do it myself with lots of people watching. It doesn’t look that dangerous – not that high off of the ground, but I am afraid I might get tired and drop anyway. At any rate, it’s either that or a long walk back around to where I started.


Useful questions or hints:

What was the pulley being used for in my dream?

Have I ever used a pulley and wondered at how one can be so strong when using it?

Did the pulley increase my strength or overcome a barrier?

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