Purchase Purchasing

This often indicates some level of choices being made, decisions faced; there may also be elements of how much or little you are being influenced by internal desires or external sales pressure. One dreamer says when she feels so good at work she immediately goes out to buy a new house. This suggests confidence and social power are involved in purchases. But sometimes we make purchases when things go wrong, as a means of counteracting the down feelings. In some dreams the question of your financial status arises, so purchasing may be dealing with how you are feeling about your money situation or whether you can afford what you want.

Have you ‘bought’ or accepted an idea, or bought into a situation or condition? How much did you pay, or what is the ‘price’ you had to pay for this. Is it worth it? You can buy into a something without realising – to buy into it is to accept an idea behind it – I never bought into the idea of a federalist Europe – Let us not buy into it by purchasing these lumps of farmed meat; chicken breasts from animals that have no natural life and whose normal cycles have been manipulated for sales and production.

Buying a bargain: Feelings of capability.

Purchased from: Success or failure to succeed, depending on whether the sale is made; may also indicate change, as when one sells a car or house. See: sell; shopping.

Purchasing a house: In general this may relate to making a decision to change, or wanting a change in your life or circumstances. Purchasing something in a dream also often involves the process of deciding or being uncertain. The decision making is to do with clarifying what you want, what you would like.

 Example – I am a car. Joel has recently purchased me, and he is driving me, largely because he feels I will help him gain respect from other people. I am quite a large car, and have a lot of power. But even with all this energy I do not make my own decisions. I am directed by Joel’s desires and wishes, and enable him to fulfil them more readily.


Useful questions or hints:

Did I quickly decide on my purchase of did I ponder about it?

Was I looking for a particular thing?

Did I buy something or was I selling it.

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