Emotions infected by fears, self doubts, jealousy, etc. Occasionally a sign of physical illness.

Negative feelings; possible malfunction physically; stagnation or lifelessness in area in which pus is seen. Pus in mouth would symbolise inadequacy or degeneration of ways of communicating with others, feelings of repulsion or not talking from your authentic self.

 Example: The respite was short lived. Ten days after the doctor’s treatment, I dreamed: I saw an index finger with the little flap of skin turned back to expose pus.

I checked my finger carefully and noticed pus around the base of the nail. The infection had come back to life. I resumed ointment and castor oil treatment. I anxiously sought dream information. The resulting dreams indicated a connection between the infection and my overly strong preoccupation with it. It was difficult to reduce my preoccupation since I was constantly reminded of the problem by the ever present protective bandage and the fact that I typed several hours each day. Nevertheless, my finger did improve noticeably.

Example: The bump became a black string tied up in some kind of knot inside my hand. I pulled on one end of the string and it unravelled easily and I painlessly pulled it all out. A moment later, on the same spot on the back of my hand, I pushed through a large amount of pus, as though from a pimple and I saw it come out in one large dark green/black swoop of gunk.

The knot that was pulled out suggests either emotions that were not expressed and became knotted up in an inner tension – shown by past dreams of running away; or a knot that tied you to another person in a way that undermined your self confidence.

 Example: “Was looking at my knuckle and saw that I had a nasty boil which had come away as I did the washing up and all that was left was a big hole, pink and healthy looking skin around. It felt very close to my knuckle bone. My lover had told me he was leaving me for good, and going back to his children. That evening, I cried most of the night.” Hilary K.

In Hilary’s case the abscess has released its pus, or painful feelings, perhaps through her prolonged crying.


Useful questions or hints:

Where is this pus located? (The location would point to the underlying problem)

Is this about stagnation, lifelessness, or a negative quality of some kind?

What part of my body was the pus coming from?

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