Push Pushed Pushing

Pushing: Being positive in what you want; exerting ones will or effort of will. It can also indicate manipulation or control of something. If you are forcefully pushing someone, then it is usually your anger that is involved. Ask yourself why you might have feelings of anger in regard to that person or what that person represents. But pushing something or someone away is also an act of rejection or resistance, as is being pushed away.

Pushing back at someone might not be about anger, but about holding your own ground.

Being pushed: Feeling coerced or taken for granted. Feeling bullied, attacked or rejected. It can also suggest resistance of some sort.

Idioms: Give someone the push; when it comes to the push; push off; push/press on; push-over; push ones luck. 

Useful questions or hints:

Have I felt pushed around – and how did I react?

Did I push someone in anger of as defence?

Was I active or passive in the dream?

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