Powerful energies arising from within, that seem to threaten the conscious self. Contamination, harm through unconscious influences, such as emotions picked up from others, attitudes radiated from others that we have not noticed, but have been influenced by, most likely in a negative way.

The effect on one’s self from other people’s thoughts or feelings. A subtle influence from other people or one’s surroundings. Usually other people’s negative attitudes or ill wishes. Hidden influences that can be destructive or damaging to your health.

If the dream points to something that is causing an effect, it is worth checking if the thing or stuff is in fact bad for you.

Radio activity is often used in healing some dangerous illnesses, so if you are receiving such or in need of it you might see mention in your dreams. If so, take notice of what the dream suggests.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the dream a warning about something affecting you?

What does the dream suggest or imply?

Is a health problem involved?

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