A flimsy philosophy, or inadequate motives or ideas, with which we hope to deal with life. A relationship that might be drifting without purpose, or afloat on flimsy principles. Or in some dreams a lifesaving change in yourself or situations.

Something lifesaving; feeling adrift without control or direction. If it is rough going on the raft it might be saying that you feel you are a victim or circumstances. Sometimes people feel threatened by the great sea creatures, but this may be fears of meeting their larger self. See The Life Will and the Human Personality

But as the second example shows the raft represent a close association with the enormous sea of the unconscious.

 Example: I was on an obstacle course race and I was paired up with an indigenous mother and her daughter to the foreign land we were on and the first part of the obstacle was to be race on a make-shift raft by myself in the middle of a huge lake and I was to meet up with her on the second part. I reached the end of the first part of the course and the lake had turned into a river. Everyone else had started out ahead of me and I was having trouble manoeuvring my raft initially. Everyone who was participating were my friends and family and they had left me far behind, but I was not upset about it, in fact I found comfort in taking my time even though I was struggling with the raft so much, but the part of the dream that stood out most to me was after the dream had turned into a river.

The obstacle course is your life as dreams see it. The obstacles you meet and overcome are real life issues and when you overcome them you are learning it and it is then applicable to everyday life. But the obstacles are all big things that were put in your life to learn from and grow spiritually. It seems that you were not born with the best equipment to deal with the life issues you meet – the make-shift raft. Also you are left behind by your family in their performance. But in fact you have a very valuable gift that will soon put you ahead. The gift is that you are not blaming others for your difficulties, and that is a rare gift.

 Example: Dreamt I was with L my son far out to sea on a small raft like boat. L was about three, and the boat was a flat canoe shaped thing about two feet wide and eight long. It was just above the water. It seemed secure apart from that, but water did sometimes roll over its surface. I could see no land, but felt sure I knew the direction and was paddling with my hands to go in that direction. I felt it would take a long time, but didn’t feel anxious about that. L was sat in front of me, also quite happy.

When exploring this dream a little, I felt it was about being afloat on the infinite ocean of life, and the small raft/boat was the rather flimsy attitudes or threshold that stands between me and that ocean. It didn’t seem to matter if I didn’t get anywhere by my efforts.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I on a raft or watching one?

Was being on a raft troubling or a good feeling?

Did I feel alone or deserted?

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