Tenacity, masculine strength, toughness, leadership and power. A man’s strength. The sacrifice of the ram is a surrender of this strength to the spirit that it may be directed by wholeness.

Masculinity; sexual drive; the aggressive defensive side of ‘sheep’ – i.e. of ones conformity, being one of the group, the passive employee; power of renewal; leader of a flock or group of people, or the less dominant aspects of self; being dominant or pushy. Idioms: Battering ram; ramming ones point home; like a ram among sheep.

In ancient cultures the ram was often a sacrificial animal, and possibly represented to offering of ones power or seed – genitals – to God to bless. Also the ram is the symbol for the sign of Aries in the Zodiac. This is the ‘Cardinal’ ‘Fire’ sign. It depicts the pouring out of new life, power, energy, impulse, activity. The person born with the sun in Aries is said to posses initiative, a pioneering spirit, etc. The sign is represented as a young “Ram,” lying down with one foot bent under it, and its head turned backward, looking as if it had been slain as a sacrificial victim. This possibly shows an early stage in the psychological development of human beings, in which the instinctive drives were killed out or purposely repressed in order to develop the personal will and identity. If one is born as an Arian, a ram in ones dreams may represent ones fundamental qualities. See: sheep below.

Example: I was looking through a circular window with lead lights in it. I was looking down into a field. Below I could see myself lying on the ground on my back with a ram standing over me making sexual movements. I only watched and felt nothing. Cath H.

Useful questions are:

What character does my ram display?

Is it dominating, sexual, sacrificial, etc, and what does that suggest about me?

What is my interaction with the ram?

If I am born under the sign Aries, what does this dream tell me about myself?

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