Attitudes that protect you from emotion, worry, or outbursts, especially other people’s. See: Clothes.

The attitudes we use to meet difficult emotions or events; often appears in dreams of dead spouse, suggesting tears or the release of emotions. But in many cases it suggests a means of hiding what we feel or our vulnerability, or protecting oneself.

Dubious characters are often dressed in raincoats in movies, and so this cliché is sometimes used in our dreams to suggests something underhand or shady, or even threatening is being faced or felt. See: rain.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are the feelings and dream situation surrounding the coat – i.e. is it happy, sexual, threatening – and where does that feeling appear in my waking life?

Whose coat is this, and what associations or memories do I have with it?

If I am not wearing it, what character is shown in it? See: Characters and People in Dreams.

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