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Realisation, thinking, learning, looking at self, across, reviewing ideas, considering something, or memorising.

Reading of books represents th en, information and proof, and also packets of different contacts, a different person’s soul, which adds to your own life experience in some way. What you read may often impress you enough to appear in your dreams, as next example shows.

 Example: Looked in the mirror and saw that my face had certain `Mongol’ features, especially the lower lip. Realised that I had always had these, but they had remained latent. In the dream I knew that this was Bright’s disease, of which I should surely die. Then it came to me that this had all come about through stopping sex and if I started again the features would go.

The Bright’s disease is something that was read about a few days ago. It was in connection with premature death, so probably links with fear of death.

 Example: Dreamt I opened a paper at the comic strip. Began to read and became involved in the story. A small speedboat was on the sea. But the sea dissolved anybody who fell in. One man fell in but held himself together as a blob of water, and jumped back to the speedboat. I remember the words, “The sea is a great solvent.”

Reading a dream is a bit different to reading a book, for we have fairly well defined definitions of words. But dream images are completely different, for the dreamer creates the images out of their own personal experience with their own associations. See Working with associations – An example can be heard by clicking  Dream Exploration

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I ‘reading’ myself (looking at myself) in the dream?

What ideas or new information am I taking in?

Did the reading give any new insights or emotions?

What was happening in the dream?

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