Humility, flexibility, in religion and mythology the reed represents the human will that has been surrendered to Life or the spirit, and is thus directed by the Life will. It does not represent weakness, for it takes a strong will not to be moved by worldly ambitions or sensuality, but to surrender or sink personal interests into those of the universal. See It is important the 2 wills

 Example: I move closer to the reed that is growing in the shallows of the lake and while doing so I see some goldfish in the lake in front of the reed. I reckon I will scare them away when I reach the reed and I am surprised to see that they are not afraid. I think there are three of them. Two I remember; one is an orange goldfish and the other one is white with light orange coloured parts on its body.

It does not represent weakness, for it takes a strong will not to be moved by passing sense impressions and flitting ideas, but to surrender to the subtle impressions beyond thinking and senses.

In some dreams reeds can also be used a breathing tube, either to hide under water or to help a person with a blockage to breathe. Reeds can also be used a roofing in a dream, protection against bad weather/emotions. Reeds are sometimes used to tie a boat to or to hang onto if in rushing water. Both ways of securing something or feeling secure.

 Example: As time passed he showed me a collection of musical instruments he had. I held one in my hands. It was shaped like a reed flute, thin at the mouthpiece, widening to a horn shape, but with an extending lip like a shoe horn. It was black and at times I thought it was slightly transparent. The man told me it was made of some sort of asbestos. I suggested it was an early form of the clarinet, and he agreed.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part did the reed(s) play in my dream?

Were they to hold on to, breathe through or protective?

What did I feel about the reed or reeds?

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