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The psychic, inner life. The part of us that is at home in the irrational or unconscious, and relates to the spirit through this. See: AmericanIndian.

Indian If you are not a Native American Indian, then it suggests an aspect of your own desires or needs which you do not usually identify with or acknowledge. But it is sometimes the voice or action of the wise unconscious, your intuition. See: aboriginal.

If you are a Native American or have some blood, or have been initiated into their ways, then you have a very great heritage, one that will give you greater ability to dream true or see visions (waking dreams). These can guide you on your life path.

 Example: Then my father gets into a small row boat and I get in. He slowly and carefully goes over the wooden boundary. The motor gets caught. My father says “Uh-oh.” I say, “Don’t tell me uh-oh, when we’re in deep water.” We then get over the thing. Then I’m in a canal. An Indian guide is behind me paddling. He is reciting the legends of our people. I feel like I’m going home.

Example: I had a vision once. Two Indians where dancing around a firer. One old and one in his early 20’s they had eagle feathers and suddenly an eagle appeared and the one that was young stood at the edge of the cliff and said sister we are waiting for you, sister we need you, sister we miss you, come back. Sister we need you. And then I had another one this time the old man joined.

Example: my great grandmother was Cherokee and she was taken from her tribe by an Irish trapper. They had 10 children my grandmother being one of them. When I was a little girl my great grandmother lived in a small trailer beside my grandmother and every time we went to see her I stay with my great one I will call her Pearl. She Smudged me many times and warned me never to tell anyone not my parents or any other family member. She told me to remember that we always came from the blue clan.

She said you will see things others will not see some of us do…I hope you will be ok granddaughter.

I saw the spirit of my grandmother a few times and my heart was missing my people felt something like her calling me back…that was 8 years ago. But a few months ago I was meditating when I came into a smoky hut with a circle of what appeared to be Elders and a couple of older women in the back bundled in blankets….One spoke in his native tongue and I understood him perfect (I am trying to learn it now) but he was saying “Things are not like the old ways …there is no respect in our lands…you have eyes like the color of the sky but your blood runs red and your heart is of our clan”…then he paused.

From that point on …occasionally I will hear his voice or sense his presence but whether this is real or not it sure seems it.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you met or been instructed in your dream by an elder of chief?

What have you learned from your dream?

Was the dream a form of initiation?

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