Rich Riches

In your dreams when recorded over a period of time you begin to see how rich you are, not in terms of what money you have stored or acquired, but of what you are of have, or will have if you express your potential. Our real riches are our talents – either expresses of unrealised – our wealth we hold within us from inherited tendencies from our ancestors, our own unconscious information and insights, the enormous creativity shown in our dreams. Every night you create a new drama. You conjure out of your own being the people, the creatures, the surroundings of your dream. Then you give life to what you create – not only life but purpose and drama. You are a supreme dramatist, playwright, actor and actress. You are the great Creator – in your dreams. Considering this, have you ever wondered why that enormous creativity does not flow into your waking life? You can see that some people have that creativity and are enriched by it personally and financially. Why not you? See: BankMoney.

The animals you dream about, the many different people in your dreams, the old and new places and environments, are all aspects of your own possibilities and potential. It adds to the richness of your life to actually get to know your dream characters, places and animals.

People: Consider each character and discover what qualities, faults, weaknesses or strength they depict for you. Give them a name, as this helps you remember their quality. But look to the context of the dream to find the detailed and changing expression of what the character depicts. See Being the Person or Thing; The Conjuring Trick; Autonomous Complex; Sub Personalities

Places: You get to understand what the places you dream about and what riches they hold for you by trying to sense what your main feelings are about regarding the place, or what happened to you there, and how that left you feeling. You might have felt a lot of conflict in a certain town or while living in a particular road. So you could call that ‘My conflicts’. Or a place may be linked with a loving relationship, so could be called ‘My ability to Love’. See Place Environment

Animals: In fact, we all have animals inside us for your brain has levels, the lowest being the reptilian brain, the second level being the mammalian brain, the third and last the human brain. So often when we dream of animals we are looking at parts of our own nature. See Animals in your Brain

Of course you ARE an animal, and your conscious self is just a rider on an ancient beast. The ancient beast is your body, and your conscious self is the modern and recent rider of it – I say recent rider because we are all from seeds, and seeds do not suddenly appear from nowhere, and carry a massive and ancient history. Some ‘riders’ do not understand their animal needs – and the fact that we have several levels of brain that are independent of each other proves this. Without understanding your inner animals, you are only half functioning and have lost a huge and rich part of your heritage. See Archetype of the Animal

Joseph L. Henderson, writing on Ancient Myths and Modern Man in Man and His Symbols, points out that Perseus had Athena; Theseus had Poseidon. This, Henderson points out, represents the wholeness of oneself (one’s potential which as a woman includes an inner man, and as a male includes an inner woman.) from which we can draw strength – the conscious personality that we identify as ourselves, expressing as it does only a tiny part of the totality of our possibilities and experience. See Archetype of the Animus; Archetype of the Anima

This guiding inner figure is one of the ways the unconscious depicts the unbelievably rich and unimaginably immense cultural information we have absorbed, along with the innate potential arising from the process of life that carries us miraculously through conception and life in the womb.  Or it may be things learned in a rich life that you could not put into practice because of circumstances. In a real sense these enormously potent dream figures, or holy beings are our future self. This is often because they influence us and can change the direction of our living. The new direction when lived becomes our future, and we are often influenced in this way by our own massive potential which is our future announcing itself.

The story of Adam and Eve which has been presented as two individuals who were divinely created and walked the earth in a golden age. But seen from the perspective of our dreams it suggests it is actually a symbolic presentation of periods of human development as we emerged from being instinctive creatures on the verge of self-awareness.

Is the story of Jonah and the whale literally true? Are the stories of Jesus about a historical character? Or are they wonderfully evocative images which tell of another sort of truth than that of historical fact?

This side of the Bible which gives us a wonderful insight into human nature is incredibly rich. It stands beyond all the attempts to fix a literal and dogmatic meaning to it, and speaks of life experience which most of us can identify with and understand. If we look at the Bible as if it were a description of a dream instead of a statement of history, light shines through the stories and enlivens us. See The Secret Bible – The Kabbalah

In many people’s dreams they dig up riches and ancient things. If you are digging up treasure or rich things, this is an uncovering of your past, or your ancestral past. This can sometimes relate to the incredible age of your mind. There is in each of us an intuition or sense that shows us or reveals to us if we care to be aware, that our mind is not simply new with our birth. Its contents, through language, inherited customs, and genetic material, are incredibly old. Exploring such dreams of antiquity can often bring to awareness this ancient heritage. See ancestors.

Below is a description of a woman who led a dream group using Peer Dream Work.

“It was a rich dream, and we know we only were able to touch on those

two parts, but those two parts were so meaningful for her. I think
the most enriching part of the evening, for me, was to see her gain
insight as she was describing herself as an image in the dream. It
was watching the change on her face, the way she was suddenly not
speaking anymore.  She saw meaning so clearly, so deeply.”

 Example: A black man is the chauffeur. The rich guy smiles and says, That way you have room for all your friends.” He says, “I got this car for you because I don’t want you to have to drive.” I laugh and say, “Oh ho! Well, let me tell you, I will too drive. I’ll buy a van with hand controls with my own money.” He looks upset. I say, “Well, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever drive it, it just means I have the power to do it if I want to. That’s called independence.”

Example: I dreamt I was on a garden with an old man, a young boy and a young man in his thirties. The plot of land had something of the feeling of an allotment. It was well tended, and I had the sense the young man had been doing most of the work on it. The soil was rich but at the moment dry. A XE “A”  few shoots were just breaking the ground from hundreds of bulbs which had just started shooting.

The old man was kneeling at the edge of one end of the oblong plot of land. He was digging up bulbs one at a time and looking at them, then putting them back in the soil again. As the soil was dry he had to dig the hole a bit bigger to get them back. The bulbs had good roots and the shoots were firm. I was agitated about the old man digging them up though, and felt he should let them be. This seemed to link with my own propensity to dig up seeds when I was younger, to see if they had germinated.

The young boy was simply watching and was quite shadowy. The younger man was getting on with whatever work he was doing. I spoke to him after leaving the old man. Henry G.

Henry, the dreamer is a man in his late fifties. He explored his dream and summarised what he realised as follows: In connecting with the feelings in the dream the different aged males are all facets of myself. The old man is my own sense of ageing, and the feeling of dryness and being outside of the opportunities that I associate with those younger than myself. My feeling that nothing is growing in my life makes me want to dig under the surface of things to see if there are any new things that might arise. The younger man is the active and creative period of my life during which I did in fact ‘sow a lot of seeds’ which are now emerging into reality. The boy is my impatience but also the aspect of myself from which new ideas and directions can emerge. He is that part of me which is still growing, like the bulbs. The garden is my soul/soil. It is all the work I have done to cultivate skills and attributes in myself and create things in the world. What is important is that even though I am in my fifties, these younger parts were skills and attributes I developed in the past and are still active and devloping in me today.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What riches or sense of being rich was shown in my dream?

Did I manage to have the riches?

What do I consider the riches of my life are?

Does the dream in any way compensate for what I feel as a lack?

Do I feel I am rich in my talents or life?

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