Strength to connect to or with some others or to something; to secure or bind things, or pull you up or along – or someone or something.

 The rope can also act as a safety barrier, or a feeling of confidence as a rope does as a person climbs down a hole or a mountain face. In this case it is supportive connection or feelings of confidence; the safeguards you use in attempting something risky.  Or a symbol of control, as are handcuffs, chains or a rope.

 A rope can be used for strangulation of the flow of pleasure and creativity that would otherwise stream through you. In such a case the rope needs to be removed and a new way of relating to yourself developed.

 A rope can also suggest a lifeline that links you to or with someone else, or a means of escape from a difficult situation.

  A rope that is neatly coiled represents organization, inner twining and balancing of mind, body and soul. A rope that is frayed or knotted represents disassociation.

Feeling tied up. Feeling in knots. Feeling restricted.

Ropes connected with sailing suggest skill and wisdom in dealing with all manner of ‘weather’ in your life.

If you are tied up: What is holding us back from expressing? Strength turned against oneself.

Tying someone else: Restraints we use to hold back particular parts of our feelings or drives; sometimes sexuality. See: cord; knot.

Plaited rope etc.: The inner strength that comes from uniting parts of you into one aim, one direction, or one leadership. Weaving different influences in your life together; uniting conflicting feelings or people, or a triangle situation.

 Example: I find myself feeling nauseous.  I have an image of a thick rope coming up from the depths of my entrails bringing bile.  I am ashamed.  I retch.  The more I focus on the image of the rope, the more I gag.  Tony offers to bring me a bowl and leave the room but I feel I cannot take the urge too literally.  Perhaps I am not ready yet.

 Idioms: end of my rope; roped together; give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself; rope into; know the ropes; learn the ropes;  show you the ropes; hangman’s rope.


Useful Questions and Hints:

How is the rope being used?

Is this about connecting to something, or securing something?

If I am being tied by a rope, does this indicate feelings of being restrained, holding myself back from self-expression?

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