Prayer and its influence, therefore to do with spiritual exercises, spiritual gifts or meditation. Stages of your inner growth or experience. It might also represent your feelings about its use if you are or have been a catholic. A spiritual exercise is something you use to open your awareness to the new, as with, if I put my hand on my heart and feel the Life in me beating away, and I open to the strange mystery of Life in me, then Life is telling me part of its mystery, and if we remain open to that mystery we may enter a new dimension of self-awareness. See How I Became a Virgin

 Beads are often used for prayer in some countries, as in Greece, in Buddhism and with the rosary. So the rosary or beads might represent your attitude of mind in prayer, or what you meet from prayer or meditation. They might therefore indicate precious things you find in yourself. See: jewellery.

 When used for meditation it could mean you are concentrating your thoughts and therefore making your aim more powerful – rather like magnifying glass focussing the suns rays.

 Example: I was the top of a hill on my knees digging in the earth with my right hand. It was fairly easy. I pulled up what felt like coins, and found they were all joined together, forming something one could wear. This was in the form of a necklace from which ran a long loop from one edge to the other, perhaps reaching fairly well below the breasts. There were coins set a little way apart all around this loop. Then in between there were two connections from coins going down in a V to a single line that connected with the bottom of the loop. From this single line, and the coins on it, there were connections to the coins on the loop, reaching low on the trunk.

 The coins, or really, medallions, were shining silver, depicting Christian or ancient saints and martyrs. It was, I knew in the dream, like a rosary, which one could use in prayer. But instead of just the Ave Maria’s, and the Our Father’s, all the other saints were included. Thus it was a very comprehensive guide to prayer. Some of the silvered chains between the coins were missing, but these had been mended with something else. The shape of it suggests the sign of the cross people make on their body. But it shows the right way to do this is first touching the brow, then to two breasts, then down to the genitals – the real sources of power. Richard.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I sending a prayer out in the dream and if so, what was it for?

Do I sense any stages of inner growth or experience?

If I am catholic, what do I feel about the dream rosary?

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